The documentary

We´re Only Human

The documentary film ``Only Human`` describes the journey of young people who find each other through singing, dancing, acting and creating in a joint learning and healing process.
It creates a space where they can be free and independent of all the constraints that society imposes on us all.

In the film, ten young adults give a moving account of their flight, their arrival and life in Germany, their difficulties, hopes and encounters. The documentary is part of an integrative media project with a campaign for diversity and tolerance.

In the first part of “Only Human” we wanted to show ten people – ten cultures – ten destinies. In combination, their work enabled them to recount their stories and illustrate that art truly has a very special healing power. This empowered them to help others, turn darkness into light and unite us.

Although the movie is very much a documentary, we agreed that an artistic presentation of the emotional truth and impact of each participant’s story would reach viewers far more directly than a simple ‘free’ interview structure. We were very careful to support the emotional significance of each story with its own color palette and mood depending on its theme. The documentary itself is a testament of how creating artwork based on real life experiences and emotions is cathartic and healing.

Watching the film, hopefully, will make the viewer slow down enough to really absorb its human impact and realize how much we all want the exact same things – no matter where we are from, or which side of the camera lens we are on. We all want to be seen, heard and respected, whilst being allowed to retain our dignity, love and be loved.

Katerina Giannakopoulou

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