We want to make a change.

That's why we are committed to ...

... Offer

In rehearsals and on stage our participants find new ways to express themselves

and grow beyond themselves.

They discover

→   new ambitions in themselves
→  new ways of communicating with others
→  new communities together


... Bring people together

In our projects

people become friends who would never have met otherwise.


→  of different cultures

→ with and without handicap

→ of different origins

... Set a sign

We stand up for our convictions together.

We are committed.

We stand up together for

→   tolerance in social media
→   our convictions in demonstrations
→   help in individual cases, e.g., in the asylum procedure


Moving and Connecting with art

We engage together for a diverse and open society

Positive Thoughts

We seek healing for sore spots. We talk to young people, listen to them, and let them explain their world to us. We look at what is going wrong and try to change it together with them. We set goals and find ways to achieve them.

Heartful Help

Together we are strong! We support each other - we work together - we celebrate together - we stand up for each other and our values - we are friends.

Spread To Everyone

We get things moving. We tell stories that no one else would hear. Our projects bring people together. Everyone can feel it during our events. Our ideas make circles. They inspire others to rethink their opinions and get involved themselves.